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Storm Debris Removal and Cleanup

Let us quickly and safely remove downed trees and other debris from your property...

Debris removal is never easy, but removing very large branches or trees after a severe weather event can be especially difficult. Our well-trained professionals have the equipment and experience needed to restore your property to its former beauty and erase all evidence of stormy weather like large branches, downed trees, and other debris. It doesn't matter how serious your debris removal needs are, we can help.

Living in Rochester, NY we are prepared for snow and ice and the damage it can cause. If you've been the victim of inclement, stormy weather and are in need of debris removal to get your property back into great shape, don't hesitate to contact us.

ChrisTreeFirs Tree Service will quickly remove downed trees and other debris from your property that are hazardous from the storm that just hit your area. Our cleaning services are an important part of any disaster recovery process, ensuring the safety of individuals and structures. Whether caused by a snow storm, ice storm, heavy wind storm, flood, fire, or another source, we will access the damage and devise an approach to remove debris in a safe and approved way.

Expert Residential and Commercial Tree Care and Tree Removal Service

ChrisTreeFir's Tree Care

ChrisTreeFir’s Tree Care has the experience, skill set and equipment to complete the job safely; leaving you happy you chose us.

ChrisTreeFir’s Tree Care Service provides expert residential and commercial tree and lawn care services in Rochester, NY and the surrounding communities.

When a job is more than you can handle yourself, it’s best to trust a professional who knows how to do it right and safely. So, let us help with all of your tree care and lawn service needs.

Our experience means you can trust that we know exactly how to tackle your problem in the fastest way possible.

Services we offer:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Crown Reduction, Shaping & Raising
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing Service

How we started…..

I decided, after a decade of working for other tree services, that working for other corporations was not for me. So, together with my wife, Diane, ChrisTreeFir’s Tree Care opened for business in 2012. Starting with the bare essentials, we worked hard to establish our family-owned and operated business.

We wanted to own and build a tree care service that operated with integrity. So, we’ve focused on providing reliable, affordable, and safe tree care services to our customers.

We’ve built our business on satisfied customers who refer us to other customers due to our quality of work.

Whether you are having your trees trimmed or removed, you can trust that ChrisTreeFir’s has the experience, skill set and equipment to complete the job safely; leaving you happy you chose us. So, call us today at (585) 465-1881 to get a free quote on your tree and lawn service needs.

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