Lawn and Landscape

Lawn Mowing Services

ChrisTreeFir’s offers individualized lawn mowing services. Whether you need monthly billing or prefer a yearly contract, you can count on us to be there timely, mow and trim with care.

Discounts are available to multi-lawn contracts and yearly contract customers. Call/Text/E-mail for more information and to request your free quote.

* Lawn mowing services offered to the City of Rochester and the West side of Monroe County.

Landscape Services

Tree Trimming & Pruning

People trim and prune the flowers and perennials in their gardens but often overlook Mother Nature’s largest plants; trees.   You want beautiful, healthy, safe trees around your home and property.  When a job is more than you can handle yourself, it’s best to trust a professional who knows how to do it right and safely.   Schedule your free estimate and let Chris Tree Fir’s keep your trees strong and looking great!

Trimming and pruning trees are important for the strength, integrity, health, appearance and safety of your trees.  Trees left to grow naturally without regular maintenance can grow erratically and grow to an unappealing form and shape.  From small to large trees, they all need some TLC to keep them healthy and looking good.

The removal of dead, damaged, crossing branches promotes healthy growth, healing and the prevention of infestations, diseases and erratic growth.  Thinning a dense canopy of sucker growth allows for better airflow, reducing the wind sail effect during high winds and allows sunshine through; reducing the risk of diseases, branches breaking and trees uprooting.

Often times, trees that go without trimming and pruning have weak narrow crotches that fail, and are more prone to bug infestations  and diseases.  With continued neglect, these trees are at a higher risk to fail and come crashing down; often times causing property damage and costly, unexpected expenses.

Crown Reduction, Shaping and Raising

There is only one way to properly reduce the size of any tree, crown reduction.  “Topping” a tree is dangerous and unhealthy for trees as it comprises the structure of the tree.  It is possible to reduce the canopy height of large trees.  Using the crown reduction method and techniques, will reduce the effects of the pruning, keeping the cuts we make protected from the sun and weather, allowing the tree to compartmentalize and heal.

Topping, shearing or otherwise cutting the tips of all the braches of a tree for aesthetic reasons has become common when shaping ornamental trees such as Crabapple trees, Cherry trees, Magnoloia trees etc.  Although eye appealing and effective this method is not healthy.  Chris Tree Fir’s will always suggest the healthiest practices, however every customer and situation is different; and your wants and needs matter to us.